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“Nipun Capital, L.P.: Nipun Emerging Markets Alpha Strategy” Ranked in Top 5 by eVestment: A Nasdaq Platform – (Emerging Manager Monitor Q1 2023 – Top Performing Emerging Manager Strategies | EM All & Large Cap Managers | EM All Cap Core)

Ranked by eVestment, A Nasdaq Platform

Emerging Manager Monitor: Q1 2023 (Released May 2023)

List: Top Performing Emerging Manager Strategies

Top 5 under: EM All & Large Cap Managers

Nipun Capital, L.P.: Nipun Emerging Markets Alpha Strategy (EM All Cap Core)

Within the report, “…The following pages show the products with the most profile views in Q1 2023, as well as the top performing products over the past three years within select universes. Managers with products in these universes may find unfamiliar, but relevant peers. Asset owners looking to allocate capital to these universes may find managers of interest. We showcase the top 5 products for each universe, with longer lists for those with ties.”

Source: eVestment Analytics. Top 5 Products for Select Universes. Requires full return stream through Q1 2023, sub-$2.5 bn firm AUM for most recently reported value within past 12 months.  

Download PDF Q1 2023 full report