Bloomberg TV: Defensive Nature of Asian Stocks Set to Play Out, Says Nipun's Malik Click to Watch Watch Nipun Capital's Pooja Malik on Bloomberg TV Bloomberg Daybreak Asia: Pooja Malik Says Investing Is More Selective Than Half a Year Ago (Radio) Click to Listen Pooja Malik, Partner at Nipun Capital, joins Tom Mackenzie and Bryan Curtis to discuss the latest on the markets on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. China Continues to Open up its Markets Read more Over the weekend, China announced a new set of rules simplifying the QFII mechanism and broadening its access, effective November 1, 2020. Bloomberg TV: Pooja Malik Sees More Selective Market Rally Click to Watch Watch Nipun Capital's Pooja Malik on Bloomberg TV Bloomberg: Pooja Malik on the Markets (Radio) Click to Listen Pooja Malik discusses her market outlook with Doug Krizner and Paul Allen on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. Shelter-In-Place: What Are People Doing At Home? Read more Watching Netflix, riding Peloton, eating Beyond Meat burgers and... trading stocks! Bloomberg TV: Nipun Capital's Pooja Malik Sees Entry Points Click to Watch Watch Nipun Capital's Pooja Malik on Bloomberg TV Current Opportunities in EM:
Value or Momentum?
Read more Global equity markets experienced a dramatic and sharp sell-off in March, followed by a sharp rebound in April.
Will the Size Premium Persist in China? Read more Equity markets are always evolving. A change in the mix of market participants, a change in the behavior of market participants or regulatory changes resetting ‘rational calculus’ can all result in market evolution. Accessing China: QFII vs. Connect Read more Over the last few years, the Stock Connect program replaced QFII as the main access route for onshore Chinese equities. China A: Right Here, Right Now Read more MSCI is in the process of adding Chinese A shares to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EM) at 5% inclusion factor in 2018. MSCI projects that at full 100% inclusion, Chinese A shares would represent 17% of the Index. China A: Bigger Than Expected Read more The Chinese A share market is the second largest in the world. It is also the most under-owned equity market.